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Hippie Momma's Philosophy

At Hippie Momma's we believe that natural is better.

That plants have the power to help us live better lives. 

We believe that there is nothing better than to spend time outside, in nature, and breathe in all the energy that is there for us. 

We believe that self-care is important to our well-being and that it should be an everyday practice and one that allows us to give ourselves time and small gifts when we need them. 

Rest is as important as action to our well-being, and it is not selfish if we need to take a break. 

We believe that we are all beautiful in our own way, and that we should let our natural beauty shine through.

We believe in lifting each other up to succeed and that we should cheer each other on. 

That we all have a purpose, and we should be able to be who we want to be.

Being told that we can't achieve something only gives us the energy to move forward toward our goals.

And we believe that LOVE is the answer to many problems, and that we ALL deserve to live in PEACE.

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