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Here is the latest reflection from Hippie Momma about Rituals

The Power of Rituals and Self-care


My New Year’s ritual is how I start fresh. I completely clean out and freshen my home. I set my intentions with love towards myself and my space to clean out what does not serve me anymore, and to fill up my space with love and peace.

This cleaning out of my physical space is something that I MUST do. I can’t move on if I don’t. I only use natural homemade or earth friendly cleaners, and LOTS of vacuuming. I finish with a smudging and a lemon candle. * Once my home is ready for the New Year, I can move forward.

I have also done this with my Hippie Momma space. The kitchen has been scoured, organized, and inventoried. The office/shop has been rearranged and I have let go of things that do not serve HMA well and made space for new things and ideas.

These yearly Rituals are part of my self-care routine, cleaning out and making space for what’s important to me now. Taking care of my physical space, continuing to eat better, and finding ways to support my body. I renew my meditation rituals for my soul and Hippie Momma helps to keep my mind sharp.

Daily, weekly, and monthly self-care rituals can help to keep us healthy and bring balance to our lives.

. Meditation, brushing your teeth, using nourishing oils to smooth your skin are all part of daily rituals.

Most of my rituals are weekly. I must keep a list to make sure that they get done. That list keeps me organized and in turn, there is much less rattling around in my brain.

Self-care has many different forms. Knowing what we need and when we need it is a perfect start for us to learn about our own self-care. For the month of February, Hippie Momma is concentrating on loving your skin. Starting a new skin care ritual will help your skin feel more radiant, give you more self-confidence and is a great way to start a new self-care routine.


I have put together a few self-care bundles.  Two face care (one for aging beautifully and one for young complexion) for $35.00 and I have also created the Ultimate Self Care Bundles. This includes foaming scrub, body butter, a bar soap, bath salts and Dry Body Oil for $40.00. Both are designed for you to treat yourself to a little luxury and to let your natural beauty show through!

This weekend I will be starting to build up stock and make new products. I will soon have fully stocked shelves, and this will keep me in my happy place!


Love and Peace.



*Both are forms of Aromatherapy. Smudging has been used for centuries (think incense in the church) and the lemon scent is both fresh and calming.

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