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Enjoy a Prosperous Spring!

As we move through March, we can start to see small changes; small crocus peeking through the grass, deer beginning to fawn, and more daytime light. While we tend to think of January as a new beginning, the Earth does not begin to prosper again until March; Mother Earth has taken her long rest, and she is ready to get to work on all of her projects.

We begin to reap the energy our winter rest has given and we see that rest is just as important as work when it comes to achievement. Opulence does not happen by chance; it takes rest, work, more rest, and more work, and at times may seem impossible to achieve. It is then that we remember our power, the reason for winter, and the reason for work.

Of course, we could all use a helping hand along the way, or at least a reinforcement of our belief and our power. Long thought to be associated with abundance and treasure, frankincense is an oil to bring into your life, especially now. Allow it to come into your life and guide you to your treasure.

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