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New Year....New Blog!!

January 2023

Welcome to the new year! I always look at January as the time to clean out (physically and mentally) take stock and rearrange and renew life.

In the cold and dark it is easy to feel depressed and let some things go. Why is it that self-care is the first thing to be cast aside? Or are we. A friend who is a social worker told me "Self-care is recognizing what we need when we need it and sharing that with others” I love this concept because it speaks to knowing yourself. Looking inward and asking, “what can I do for me?” Do I need to shut down, go off of social media and read a good book? Do I need to look at what I eat, how I’m resting? Are there things or persons that I should let go of? Are there ideas that no longer serve me well, situations that need to be changed?

Another way to define self-care is that it is self-preservation and that it needs to be continued to achieve better health and wellness. This can mean different things to different people, but we should realize that we should always be caring for our own needs. These are all of the things that are rattling around in my brain. This is when I start my lists. For me, that is how I get things accomplished.

My list for Hippie Momma is long but exciting. I have many things that I want to add to the shop.

New products expanded services and more. I will be using more plant “medicine”, more aromatherapy and I will add more shows and shop hours. I have hired a marketing manager, my daughter Amelia to help me keep up and keep you all informed. There is much more to do on the back end as well. I will be taking January off to make more product and work on that list.

I will be writing blogs to keep you informed about the exciting happening as well as bits of Aromatherapy and more!

I hope that you have a blessed, peaceful and beautiful New Year!

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